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The Statement Of Our Lives.

Message: “Newology_4” from Jason Durant


Jason Durant - January 28, 2018



In Newology 4, Jason digs into recognizing our need for change and where it really comes from by examining a portion of Paul's letter to the Romans

From Series: "Newology"

The new hobby that fascinates until the interest fizzles. The new job that transitions from excitement to drudgery. Diet plans aborted. Exercise routines that failed to remain routine. Empty remembrances of commitments made through gritted teeth to be more patient, more generous, more serious, more stable. What is fresh always seems to be fading. This is true all around us, but is most frustrating when we recognize this reality within us. If you’ve never felt frustrated in the effort to truly change, you have likely never tried for transformation. But, don’t give up! God, through the gospel, has the power and a plan for bringing real change in you. Join us for this 4 week study and be inspired by the new that God is doing in you!

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