Troy Church is a group of people who have experienced the radical love of Jesus.  Certain that we are broken and flawed people, we are truly amazed that God cares so deeply for us that He would literally die for us.  Awestruck, we are driven to see others have this same experience.
We gather on Sundays to worship God together.  We also gather into midweek small groups that are made up of smaller numbers than those you might find on Sunday.  These small groups, meeting in homes throughout Troy, are opportunities to hang out transparently, as real people, to work together to understand scripture and share life.  We lovingly encourage and challenge each other to live each day in search for opportunities to share the love of Jesus in the regular rhythms and moments of everyday life.
We are glad you are here and have tried to structure our website to be clear and transparent.  Feel free to contact info@troychurch for any information you could not find on the site.  We hope to meet you soon.