What Is The Preaching Like?
Fascinating.  Wholly true.  Ultimately authoritative.  Relevant for everyday life.
These words come to mind when we think about scripture.  The teaching in our church aims to clearly reflect all of these characteristics. Though scripture covers a multitude of topics, we believe that it is all ultimately tied to and concerned with the fact that God is reconciling the world He loves through the work of Jesus on the cross. Because we believe that all of scripture is preparatory, predictive, resultant, or reflective of the gospel, our preaching focuses on the gospel and how it effects our lives. You will find that we walk through passages of scripture, aiming to clearly teach what the Bible says and means in its original context.  We find it effective to help people see how the truth effects their everyday lives by using true to life stories and illustrations. Scripture is awe-inspiring, we hope our teaching of scripture clearly shows that.