Troy Church is a nondenominational church.  What does that mean?  Or did you just take the denomination out of your name?

Realizing the term “nondenominational” can be VERY scary these days, we invite you to please scroll to the bottom for more detailed information.  In short, it means that we are not funded or intimately aligned with a specific denomination, such as Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, etc.  When organizing the church, our desire was to focus on those who are unchurched or unengaged and not actively using their talents in a local church.  For the most part, we feel that denominational titles mean more to actively engaged church people than the unengaged.

“What is the MUSIC like?”

Modern (Matt Maher, Phil Wickham, Jesus Culture, Passion), Uplifting, Engaging, Band-driven, Quality, Contemporary.
Theological (Recomposed hymn or brand new song – we judge a song by its theological content).
Worshipful (The focus belongs to Jesus in all of our musical efforts.)

“What is the TEACHING like?”

Authentic, Relaxed, Relevant, and, most importantly, Biblical.  You might find us studying verse by verse through a book of the Bible or focusing on what the scriptures have to say about a certain topic.  Either way, our practice is to dig in to one primary passage of scripture each week, consider its context, and ask God to lead us to understand its meaning and implications for our lives.

“What should I WEAR?”

We don’t care.  Seriously!  We care about what God is doing in people, not what clothing is on people.  Jeans, shorts, flip flops, tshirts, button ups, dress pants, all of these might be seen at any given Sunday gathering.

“What is available for my CHILDREN?”

Children currently spend time with some of our qualified adults playing, singing, laughing, and learning.  Each week our children are taught truth from the scriptures in an environment that is fun and safe. Check out our Troy Kids page for more information.

“WHERE and WHEN do you meet?

We gather to worship together on Sundays at 10 AM in the Cafeteria at  Charles Henderson High School, located at  150 S. George Wallace Drive, Troy, AL 36081.  Small groups meet at multiple times and locations, available here.

“WILL you be getting a permanent facility soon?”

Our future plan is to meet in a more centrally located venue such as a theater or auditorium.   As to whether or not we will ever build or buy a building to own, we are not committed to the idea or against it.

“Are you an ETHNICALLY diverse church?”

Our desire is to be a church that reflects the cultural diversity of our city.  We hate notion that ethnicity should be used as a dividing factor in any realm, especially inside the local church.

“What does NONDENOMINATIONAL mean . . . continued?”

Since the word “non-denominational” needs more clarity these days, here are specifics in answering this question.

  1. For the person who has  been burned by “religion”:We refuse to die on the non-essential hills that many churches choose to die on.  We love you wherever you are on your spiritual journey and want to walk with you towards Jesus Christ.
  2. For the scholar who really is interested in Theology:Some modern day pastors and theologians that have positively effected our theology and methodology are guys like:  Matt Chandler,Darrin Patrick, Francis Chan, David Platt, John Piper, and Jonathan McIntosh.
  3. For those still wondering if we’re hiding our denomination:We are not hiding a denominational affiliation.  We are not a group of people that started a church as the result of a church split.  We are a group of people who share a love for God and people and who have not felt compelled to be associated with a denomination.  We are supported by multiple churches that vary in attendance and denomination.  Each of these churches clearly understand our mission as a nondenominational church and are committed to helping us see it happen.
  4. For those wanting to know our lead pastor’s educational background:Jason received a Bachelor’s degree in business marketing from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  After spending time at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and Liberty Theological Seminary, Jason received his Master’s degree in Christian Leadership from Liberty Theological Seminary.