Thankfully, God has a mission for our lives, a reason that is bigger than all of the other pursuits that life offers.  That mission is to recognize Him as central in our lives and help other people to do the same.  With a task this important, we want to be sure that we do our best to get it right.  This desire drives us to be intentional in each of our efforts to RESPOND to the gospel, CONNECT with others, and ENGAGE the world.



The truth of the gospel is that Jesus demonstrated His great love for us by giving His life for us when we had no potential of earning such a great sacrifice.  When we embrace this truth we are free to respond to it with lives of thankfulness and stop trying to be “good enough.”  Because only the gospel can bring this opportunity, we will focus on the gospel and its implications in our teaching, small groups, and church culture.  Believing that we have been freed from the power of sin and death, we will respond with lives of passionate worship, both corporately and as individuals.


The scriptures clearly point out our need for each other.  Therefore, we are committed to connecting with each other in authentic Christian community.  This means taking the risk of opening ourselves up to be transparent with others as well as being committed to their advancement and spiritual growth.  We gather in small groups in homes to consider the truth of scripture and how our lives can reflect it.  Small groups become family, committed to each other regardless of the cost.  We also happen to have a lot of fun in the process!


In Jesus, we have been given the best gift ever.  It is our joy to engage the world with this gift.  Our everyday lives are lived with the awareness that we are constantly about making Jesus famous.  Together, we will be found serving our community as agents of change in areas that are broken.  Together, we will strive to let the world hear and see God’s love through our lives.  His fame is our goal whether we are in our living rooms or across the world.