We believe that scripture is a gift from God.  In its original form, scripture is the standard of truth which all reality can be measured against.  Therefore, we focus on scripture in all that we do as a church.  In the Bible we find awe-inspiring stories and loving teaching.  We are fascinated by scripture, and aim to display it clearly in hopes that you might be in awe of it, too.


We wish to live, serve, and worship in a few things well rather than to compete, argue, and “pull-off” many things poorly.  Excellence in every area of our lives and ministry both honors God and reflects His character.


Troy Church isn’t trying to be the coolest church in town.  As soon as a church makes being relevant their mission they’re already behind the curve. Cool changes every five minutes. We are on a quest for Jesus and the message and power He brings. However, we do embrace creative media, creative environments, creative events, and creative means – for the sake of proclaiming the Gospel. Relevance is required to bring the message “into all the world”.


We embrace diversity and reject divisiveness believing loving relationships must define and saturate our church family.  We dishonor God when we reject aspects of our true selves or expect others to do the same.  We experience His creative genius and the depths of His grace as we see it expressed in the lives of real people with real problems and a real savior.


We succeed when unbelievers become believers, believers become disciples, disciples become servants, and servants become missional leaders.  Success for us is seeing people honor God by growing to maturity in Christ.