Jason Durant - November 6, 2016

Beyond the Barriers 7

Beyond the Barriers

From Series: "Beyond the Barriers"

Series Description: You were thrilled to have the apartment until you weren’t, because you wanted a house. The house was great for a while until you wanted a bigger one. You traded your car in, not because you had to, but because you wanted to upgrade. You made it out of debt but jumped right back in because you really wanted that _____________. Have you ever noticed how the thing that you just had to have only satisfies for a while before you set your sights on something else? From digital devices to educational certifications, we are a people who are constantly drawn to what is next. Though our consumerism is often questionable at best, maybe we long for next for a reason. Maybe God created us for more. Maybe He is working to lead us toward it. Join us for this series in the book of Joshua as we learn how to step into what is next in our lives.

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