Jason Durant - April 9, 2017

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Drift. It happens all too easily. In our work, our relationships, our faith. We are naturally prone to it. You cherish your spouse. You want them to know that. Yet, somehow, the two of you end up lost in your smart phones instead of listening to each other. You showed up for college to be equipped for the rest of your life but lost focus two semesters in. The project you are leading at work started with a precise objective but its buried now under all of the upgrades and extras. We start with a clear objective in mind and look back later to realize that, regardless of progress, we have forgotten the purpose we began with. Unfortunately, this happens all to often in our following of Jesus. We want to be faithful Christians, but who even knows what exactly that means anymore? What is following Jesus all about? Join us for this 13 week series as we rediscover Biblical discipleship.

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