Gathering weekly at Charles Henderson High School starting March 3.


Join us for our current scripture series through the book of Acts to see a God who is active in our world and in your life.

Baptism Service

Troy Churchers are baptized by immersion on Sundays at 10AM during service. Do you want to be baptized? Contact us at the information table or info@troychurch.tv to learn more about baptism and what it means to follow Jesus. You can also sign up through the TC app or click here to participate.



The Statement Of Our Lives.


Sunday Worship Sets

Did you hear a song that was impactful in worship with us? Want to know what songs we will sing together this Sunday? Follow the link to familiarize yourself with the songs we worship through as a church.

 What is the Preaching Like?

You will find that we walk through passages of scripture, aiming to clearly teach what the Bible says and means in its original context.  We find it effective to help people see how the truth effects their everyday lives by using true to life stories and illustrations. Scripture is awe-inspiring, we hope our teaching of scripture clearly shows that.