What does faith have to do with everyday life?  Join us for this series in James.

Christmas Eve Service

Please join us for our Christmas Eve service on the square in downtown Troy. We will not be meeting at our regular location Sunday morning. Instead we will all meet at the square for a brief message from our pastor and a celebration of the birth of our savior. Don’t forget your chairs, blankets, and hot cocoa!

Covenant Member Meeting

For some of us we’ll need a marker to circle the date on the wall calendar and write the details in. For others, we’ll open Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, or some other online calendar and enter in the details. However you choose, take out your permanent marker(real or virtual), and circle this date! January 21, Troy Church Covenant Members. Make your plans now!

Baptism Service

Troy Churchers are baptized by immersion on Sundays at 10AM during service. Do you want to be baptized? Contact us at the information table or info@troychurch.tv to learn more about baptism and what it means to follow Jesus. You can also sign up through the TC app or click here to participate.



The Statement Of Our Lives.



What Is The Preaching Like?

Fascinating.  Wholly true.  Ultimately authoritative.  Relevant for everyday life.  These words come to mind when we think about scripture.  The teaching in our church aims to clearly reflect all of these characteristics.  Though scripture covers a multitude of topics, we believe that it is all ultimately tied to and concerned with the fact that God…